Link Building: Site Directories

July 17, 2019 ultimateseoorg 0

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An easy way to build backlinks is through directory submissions.  Anything hard though is worth more, so keep in mind directory submissions don’t carry the weight that in content links will.  With that said there is still diluted value in link directories, just don’t focus on them.

Here are some link directories and they are organized by SEO power.

The button below opens a new window with about 100 sites. We also have the following directory sites maintained by Ultimate SEO and these are always free to list with.  This site also has a directory on it built in…you can

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Auto Posting Across Social Media Platforms – IFTTT –

July 12, 2019 ultimateseoorg 0

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I hate missing out just as much as anyone else.  Its why Ultimate SEO has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Blogger, Instagram, SnapChat and more.  But the only thing worse than not being on a platform is to not appear active on that platform. If someone’s first impression of you or your company is your activity on a forgotten profile it is more damaging than not having been there to begin with.

IFTTT And Buffer

Thats where IFTTT has stepped in and been able to save time while helping to get a message out

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